Rolex Reconditioning
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Rolex Reconditioning

The process of Rolex reconditioning is made to guarantee that every watch that leaves the hand of the master jeweler is complacent with the original functionality and aesthetic properties. MPR Jewelry has been professionally servicing the jewelry industry from the city of Aventura located in Miami Florida. The company was founded six years ago back in 2012 with the aim of providing the area with a storefront that would offer high-end jewelry and maintenance services at competitive rates. MPR Jewelry established it’s outstanding reputation for watch detailing and overhaul work because of our satisfied clientele.

Our team puts in extensive hours into learning and relearning the processes of proper watch and high-end jewelry maintenance in order to ensure that we are continually providing our customer base with the best service technicians around. MPR has helped professionally service over 5,000 high-end watches – a large percentage of this figure consisted of Rolex timepieces. Our team understands the value and significance of our clients’ jewelry which is why we treat every piece we receive with exceptional care.

If you are in the South Florida area and have been looking to restore the functionality and overall look of your timepiece then it’s time you stop by our store. MPR Jewelry offers customers expert Rolex reconditioning as well general pro Rolex cleaning and service. The Rolex reconditioning process includes each bracelet and case of the watch being dexterously polished and buffed to restore original luster. MPR Jewelry also tests your piece meticulously for its accuracy in timekeeping as well as it’s water resistance capability.

Rolex Reconditioning

If you’ve been wondering how often you should get a Rolex reconditioning service performed on your timepiece you can go by the recommendation of the majority of German and Swiss manufacturers.

The agreed standard of most manufacturers hovers at being at least – one complete overhaul every five years. With some specialists recommending that number be cut down to – one every four years. There are many factors that can come into play and affect the frequency in which you may need Rolex reconditioning.

Weather conditions and factors like how much time you spend in the water will affect the time in which your watch needs servicing. Rolex Reconditioning helps preserve the value of your timepiece, it will allow you pass the piece onto future generations or even sell or trade it as a private collector. Your watch will actually increase in value over time if it is properly preserved.


MPR Jewelry offers a medley of services besides professional Rolex reconditioning including:

  • Fine Jewelry Sales
  • South Sea Pearls Restringing
  • Cartier & Gold Polishing
  • Custom Jewelry
  • Detailing
  • Repairs

MPR Jewelry specializes in the care of your high-end timepieces and other jewelry, stop by our store or give us a call for a consultation today and see why our clientele choose us above any other competitor. MPR Jewelry is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM until 5:30 PM.

Rolex Reconditioning

Rolex Reconditioning

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